Wedding photoshop

A wedding is the main celebration in life, one wants to share the impression with the whole world. If before wedding photographs have been gathering dust in albums for years and removed from dark cabinets only on special occasions, now everything is different. Today, wedding photos are the main decoration of pages on social networks, a way to loudly and widely declare your happiness. Processing wedding photos is an art. Wrong are those who believe that the program is responsible for everything. To think so is to say that a real artist is made with pencil, canvas or paint. Using the same tools, different people create completely different works. Photographs from festive events even more require computer editing, since for the most part these are reportage photographs. Already not surprise anyone with beautiful, template photos, as in the good old days. Newlyweds need something special, unique, not the same as everyone else.

Обработка свадебных фотографий

Wedding Photoshop. What is it, there is no exact definition. Usually it includes photo manipulations, photo montage, photo collage, as well as artistic processing of photos and stylization. Retouching and simple color correction distinguish in a separate type of work. The possibilities of wedding Photoshop are limited only by the technical knowledge of the designer and the imagination of the artist. You can get a finished work, a photo picture, not drawn, but created from your photographs. You will have what it is pleasant to surprise friends and girlfriends and cause envy among envious and ill-wishers. Lol

The work is done in Photoshop using unique copyright technology for your photos. Also, a pre-wedding photo shoot for residents of St. Petersburg is possible. Surprise the guests already at the wedding.

Professional face retouching

профессиональная ретушь лица

Now everything is different. Computer-based image editing allows you to ensure perfect image quality without sacrificing celebration. Our clients do not need to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon to become younger and more attractive. Professional face retouching is a quick and painless way to look more beautiful and younger. Similarity and recognition guaranteed! We do not cross the red line beyond which science fiction begins.

Professional face retouching includes:

  • Elimination of skin defects: minor scratches, acne, scars, freckles, wrinkles
  • Teeth, eye whitening, makeup removal
  • Facial skin treatment, preserving texture (important)
  • “Hairstyle mode”, work with hair, virtual make-up
  • Styling photos, translating it into black and white.
  • Possible correction, transformation of the shape of the head, lips, body shaping, etc.
  • Digital image editing is an important step in the work of the photographer.

Artistic processing photoshop

Is art processing necessary when there is an abundance of professional technology around? Many owners of expensive cameras, knowing the “auto” button, feel like great professionals. Even with experienced photographers, not every shot is a masterpiece. And to become such there is a photo retouch, Photoshop programs, lightroom and many others. In the classical sense, artistic retouching should hide all the flaws and highlight, competently emphasize your merits. The main thing here is naturalness, not to go beyond the reasonable, which many retouchers can not afford. The concept of the so-called “plastic skin” without pores. Overly whitened eyes and teeth that glow in the dark and so on.

Художественная обработка фотографий до и после

Wedding photo manipulations

What is photo manipulation and how do they differ from photomontage and collage is described on the corresponding page. How is wedding photo manipulation different from simple? We’ll tell you in secret: “nothing”, except on a solemn topic. You want your photos to be unusual and memorable, not like everyone else. They can be printed, framed or hung on the wall as a picture. A romantic portrait made of photos will fully replace any picture.

Choose a theme, plot

We select photos. It can be both old frames and new
For residents of St. Petersburg, photography is possible
The magical work of the designer, usually takes 1-5 days
Each couple of newlyweds is individual and unique, for some, a pink sunset is good, for others a night on the full moon. Lightness, fun and passion, drama, romance.

Online Wedding Invitation

When organizing a wedding, there are no unimportant, secondary details. After approving the date, you send out invitations. This will be the first impression of the ceremony being prepared. You can order wedding invitations at your local print shop. This is the easiest option, which is unlikely to be original. But you are not looking for easy ways and you are well aware that “Beauty requires sacrifice.” After all, an invitation to a wedding can become a real Masterpiece, which will be remembered and discussed for a long time. Come up with a theme, romantic relationships, tender love and a passionate wedding. We will turn your fantastic ideas into a vibrant work. You will not see such invitations from anyone, because they will be created exclusively for you. Do not hesitate, an invitation card with your original image will preserve the fondest memories and take its rightful place in the wedding album.