Free online photo editor

A huge number of sites have appeared that offer free restoration, retouching, portrait styling and even cartoon creation services. Perhaps we have an outdated profession and the services of designers, artists will not be in demand soon? Soon, machine learning and artificial intelligence will replace everything? But a thinking person has two questions: “At the expense of what means do these sites live and for what purpose are they created?” After all, “free cheese only happens in a mousetrap.”

Free online photo editor. Let’s run free tests:

  • coloring black and white photographs
  • photo retouching
  • restoration of photographs of the immortal Regiment (mail.ru)
  • creation of cartoons, cartoons, effects, etc.

We will not consider very simple programs where they draw on antennae, ears or cat nose. Perhaps they are tested on sites for children. Lol

Automatic colorization online

Colorize black and white photos – algorithmia. Let’s take a look at the most advertised site on the English-speaking Internet: “The American company Algorithmia uses advanced“ deep learning ”technologies to colorize black and white images. Algorithmia creates black and white color images using artificial intelligence created by a team of scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, led by doctoral student Richard Zhang. Very cool! Everyone probably heard about the famous Doctor. lol

реставрация фото онлайн бесплатно

Automatic colorization source professional Colorize black and white photos

We upload several images to the “American Digital Neural Network.” For the purity of the experiment, images with different resolutions. Here’s what happened: “first photo.” Mamma Mia, Oh my god, Das ist fantastisch.

Free online photo restoration services. Mail.Ru

Mail.Ru Group is a new project, the first in Russia, launched by May 9, 2019. The service provides the ability to retouch wilted photos, restore damaged fragments, optionally colorize black and white. You just need to download the digital version of your picture.

бесплатный онлайн сервис реставрации фотографий

Free online photo restoration restoration of old photos

 Surprisingly, the new service showed the best results. Perhaps because the goal is noble. Today, artificial intelligence did not identify the red bandage on the sleeve or the color of the eyes, but it recognized the brick wall correctly. The color of the shape is protective color. And the color scheme is quite pleasant, with clear boundaries, in contrast to the advertised American services.

Free auto photo retouch

Everything is much simpler here, the result is quite noticeable:

  • teeth whitening
  • red eye removal
  • acne
  • simple skin retouching
Автоматическая ретушь фото

Free auto photo retouch art photo retouching

A modern shot, better than an old photograph and does not require complex solutions from automatic programs.

Caricature online free

A huge amount of online caricature service. With various visual effects, you can create your own caricature, for free. In just a few clicks!

We will test our old, good photo-toad 2016 in antiquity, Admiral John Kerby. We upload the photo card to several websites and try various effects. The most “interesting” that was obtained from various Special Effects (picture 2). Maybe somewhere there are free services and better, but we don’t know about them.

Шарж по фото онлайн бесплатно

Caricature photoshop sourse online free

In literature, caricature is a description of a person, using exaggeration of some characteristics and simplification of others. Caricature of Italian “exaggeration.” In visual terms, her task is to find and highlight the characteristic features of the character’s face, to make him even more like herself. It is impossible to solve this problem by simply increasing the head or nose, and even more so in automatic mode.

Paid or free service?

The main advantage of free, no need to spend money, you can save. Work is done quickly, almost in a minute, no need to wait a few days.

Of the minuses, the quality is mostly terrible, it can not be compared with a professional retouch made by hand. You will not be answered, your complaints, wishes, comments will not be corrected.

And at least in the next 15-20 years, as experts say, artificial intelligence will not be created. Intelligence of the “terminator” type is self-taught, able to make independent decisions. Paid and free service, one could compare with cheap noodles “Doshirak” and “Spaghetti” from an expensive Italian restaurant of author’s cuisine. You do not see the difference? Great, you are an economical and thrifty person, everyone makes their own decisions.

Why are free Services created?

Due to what means do they exist? Separately, let us single out the Mail.Ru Group created for the Immortal Regiment and Victory Day, but this is an exception. The remaining sites live off Advertising and have little interest in improving the quality of their services.

Website ranking in search engines, a separate topic. It depends on many factors. Yandex and Google attach great importance, for example, to the amount of time a visitor spent on a site. If one visit is equal to several seconds and one page is viewed, then the site on this topic is not interesting and gradually slides down. Many pages were viewed, a lot of time was spent, the ranking was increased.

And there is one trick. A visitor reads information, views pages, uploads a photo, time passes. This is a big plus for ranking a website. And then he gets an image that is very different from the brochure.