Professional photo editing services

You probably noticed that our work is different from others, primarily computer-assisted image processing. This is not just a photograph taken by a qualified photographer. To some extent, this is an artistic portrait, but not painted in oil or watercolor, but created using new digital technologies from your photo. Such a portrait looks more elegant, expensive and exclusive.

A common expression: “How is an artist different from a craftsman?” Creative artist invents his work, and the artisan works with templates. The artisan photographer has a good technique, standard templates for different occasions, and most clients are satisfied. “Artist” has the opportunity to be creative. Improvise on the spot, because each person is individual, individual and unique. What suits one character for another may look taut, prim and even ridiculous.

Портретная фотосъемка Санкт-Петербург

Photosession St. Petersburg

The difference between a male portrait and a female. In masculine, it is important to emphasize character, image, and not appearance. In women, on the contrary, priority is the outside. Competently highlight all the female virtues and hide the flaws. A good portrait shooting will help to effectively design a page on social networks, be used for business purposes, resume writing, on a website, a blog, for publication in the press. What is called digital portrait processing? To date, a universally recognized name has not been formed. As well as the standard image editing technique, each Master works in his own style and has its own secrets. Семейная фотосессия Спб

The most commonly used, related terms:

  • stylization of a portrait
  • professional retouching
  • art processing
  • deep retouching etc.

Family photoshoot

You have a family, children are growing up, you want to keep happy moments forever. Today we live with a smartphone in our hand, constantly shoot our children and loved ones. Taking pictures yourself can be fun and cheap, but the result is often far from beautiful.

So why invite a professional photographer to a family photo session? Be in the picture. Each family has someone who is always behind the camera, finally you will have a photo where you are all together. You will receive stunning photos of your children, spouse and loved ones. This will be one of the best gifts that you can give yourself and your relatives. This can be done on a solemn occasion or unexpectedly, without reason, to express your love and happiness. Your precious family memories are worth more than selfies.

Photography in nature plein air

From the French, En plein air, “outdoors.” Pictures in nature is a series of pictures against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes.
The open air in the past few years is becoming more and more popular and popular. Shooting outdoors, in the open air provides several advantages, natural light, freedom of choice of place and time of day. You will never get such romantic shots in the studio. And in most cases, they do not require additional lighting equipment. What gives the image natural colors and paints.

You can take beautiful pictures outdoors, in a park, or in a winter forest at any time of the year. Almost in any weather, at any time of the day, including at night. Especially if it’s the White Nights of St. Petersburg.

What needs to be considered before portraiture? цифровой портрет на заказ
Image. How do you want to look, a romantic person, a business man or a brutal Macho. Everything matters, clothes, hairstyle, makeup. A good portrait should show not only the external side, but also the inner world of a person.
Accessories A very important point, which is sometimes undeservedly neglected. Elegant glasses, a book, a magazine, an encyclopedia, one small detail can make sense, show the character of the character. Poses and angles.

Professional photo editing services

What is the difference between professional and amateur photography, when “soap dishes” and even smartphones can take a completely high-quality picture? Surprisingly, most “professional” photographers work “the old fashioned way”. Do not take full advantage of the hidden capabilities of modern cameras.

Professional RAW format on average 24-30mb. In the end result, the customer receives JPG 1-2mb. Externally, RAW and JPG shots are no different. What is the difference? RAW has hidden information. Example, shooting at sunset. Depending on the settings, we get options: a person and a lit background or the sun and a dark silhouette. You can edit in Photoshop, but the effect will be negligible. RAW has hidden information in it, you just need to “pull it out correctly”, as a result, a high-quality portrait and a beautiful background, in one shot. You can also significantly improve the volume of the image, color, sharpness, etc. Everything is much better than editing JPG.