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1. Creating a caricature: free of charge
2. Removal of the Political caricature: 10 000 $ and above.
3. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko  can get 50% discount or payment chocolates.

Maybe political cartoons of Hillary Clinton changed the results of the elections in the US? Oh my God. We accidentally did so..

политическая карикатура


The cartoonist graphically expresses his point of view. This position is usually openly directed against the authorities, their corruption or war, and the portrayed – the purpose of his criticism – appears in an obviously exaggerated form. For many artists, guiding was the well-known statement of A. Lunacharsky. “And now our laughter is directed against the enemy will be evil, because the enemy is still strong.” In this struggle with laughter, we have the right to portray the enemy caricatured.

The genre feature of the caricature dictates a number of requirements for a good caricature. A good caricature is built on one idea; This one idea is attempted by the author to be embodied in an image in which each feature should work for a convincing imaginative representation of the idea.

Just as in the usual political text, in the cartoon one can single out certain devices, images; It sets the author’s position and the world is described from a certain point of view. The main rhetorical method of influencing the audience is the alleged comic, satirical effect. One of the main types of graphics – political caricatures – has been used for a long time, but as a special kind of art it began to acquire special significance only in the second half of the XIX century.

Шаржи на политиков

Political cartoons Source Inspiration

– Peter Poroshenko- holey socks 2016

– Mikheil Saakashvili eats his tie (Video) 2008

– Petro Poroshenko eating holey socks. Probably the link will be available in the 2018-2019 year.

–  Williams sisters of taking banned substances.

– Boris Johnson is furious that Maria Zakharova will be in attendance.


Political caricature Andrew Zavgo