Restoration and restore of historical photographs

Our team is professionals in their field.
Restoration of historical photographs is one of the largest orders. Hundreds of photographs have been restored. The moments of those times came to life again, the emotions that were captured in the photo were felt. Looking at the pictures, mentally everyone thanked all the participants of the immortal regiment.
We work with the best programs and offer you high-quality services for the restoration of old photographs. Let’s give them a new life together.

Restoration and restoration of historical photos

Услуги профессиональной реставрации фото

Restore of historical photographs

Over the past few decades, we have been observing changes in the field of photography. The film shots are gone, and a great replacement has come – digital shots. Also, today there are more than a dozen different programs for image editing. We have a great opportunity not only to store old photographs, but also to restore their former appearance. This happens by coloring, or another term – colorization. Colors are added to black and white photographs and they become colorful. Ancient photographs carry memories of past years, the best moments of life are captured on them. Weddings, birthdays, meetings with family, relaxation at the resort – the whole story of your life on these photographs, and it is important to keep this memory. Photos of the “Immortal Regiment” are filled with special power and require a return to life.

Components that make up the process of recovering damaged photos:

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, exposure.
  • Align the tone of the image.
  • Retouching scratches, stains or cracks.
  • Using automatic filters or manually remove grit from the picture.
  • Crop and align the photo.
  • Apply artistic correction.
  • Add sharpness and other effects.

By the way, with the help of current image editing programs, you can replace the background, remove or, conversely, add some details. To make one of two or more shots, to restore some missing or imperceptible details in the photo, to make color photographs from black and white – this is all possible.

The order for the colorization of black and white photographs

Реставрация и восстановление фото Бессмертный полк

Lyudmila Pavlichenko – the most effective sniper in the world

Are there monochrome photos in the photo album that would like to add colors to life? It is easy to do. The picture is digitized, add retouching and colorized. This is done by specially-trained artist-designers using the program Adobe Photoshop. The work is carried out so high quality that it will be difficult to determine the availability of digital editing.

One definitive term for this process in dictionaries was not found. The most common formulations: colorization, coloring, adding color to black and white photographs. When placing an order, you need to describe the main colors present in the picture. Please note that each color has different shades that cannot be described by any exact name. Don’t worry if you don’t know any definitions, our artists and designers have a great taste and color scheme in the photo.

Photos of poor quality and their restoration

Not many studios undertake restoration of photos of poor quality. However, we undertake the restoration of any photographs, as we understand the value of these memories for the client. We have over 10 years of experience in this field. Our employees are manually involved in editing and retouching, without automatically configured programs with filters. We have an individual approach to each. Experienced artists and designers will do everything necessary to restore the original look of the photo, they will give them a new life.

However, there are exceptions when recovery is not possible:

  • severe damage to the image or a large fragment of the picture is lost;
  • it is impossible to make a large one out of a small image without losing sharpness;
  • if the photo is excessively granular, it can only be enlarged to a specific size.

In case when one of the images does not contain any details, but you have an image of these fragments on the other, be sure to send it to us.

Price restoration photos

The total cost of restoring photos is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the order. Sometimes it seems that you can quickly edit, but in fact it can take a lot of time, but it happens, and vice versa. The price becomes known after the photo is scanned and your wishes for working with it are recorded. Starting cost is from $ 10 and more, the average cost of restoration is about $ 20-50.

We have a discount program when placing a large order.

Doing scanning, do not resort to the help of standard graphic editors, leave this business to professionals. Alignment of the photo is part of the restoration process, so do not crop the image, it is better to leave an empty area, then it will be removed. Depending on the size, scanning with an extension of 120 dpi is recommended for a 3×4 photo, apply 600 dpi for the rest. For very large sizes, for example, 15×20 use the extension 300 dpi. Non-color scanning can be applied to black and white images, and this will reduce their volume.

How is the process of restoration of old photographs?

You must first upload a photo. Then there is a retouching, restoration, colorization of the photo. Next, you need to describe in detail your wishes for flowers. For example, in the photo “Immortal Regiment”, you want to make the clothes color – khaki, hair – brown, and eyes – blue, and so on. This is optional, but desirable. After that, you get the total cost and deadlines. It is possible to make a small fragment. Then make a prepayment of 30-100% and in a few days you will receive edited photos.

During our activity, it was refused only twice. The first one was a photo where there was no fragment of more than 30%, while 25% was a face and the second case is similar. All customers with whom we work are satisfied with the result.