Digital caricatures

Digital caricatures of celebrities

How recognizable is the character? It all depends on the artist, one small detail can tell a lot about the nature and habits of a person. For example, a bottle of beer or a sports car in the background will show the entire inner world of the hero. What is the difference between a caricature and a portrait? On the photo portrait is our character, as he really is. With all its flaws, a small nose, ears, a pimple on his forehead. A good photo caricature will help to eliminate all these defects. There are a huge number of free programs where you can increase your head, mouth or nose. This has nothing to do with creativity. Our task is to emphasize, highlight the characteristic features, expression, emotions, show personality. As it turns out, judge for yourself.

шаржи на знаменитостей

Testing: our cartoons on celebrities. (FRAGMENTS). Pan Poroshenko, Miho Saakashvili, Mr. Trump, Comrade Putin and Mr. Obama. Do they look like you judge, but Obama and Poroshenko probably really liked it.

Caricature Photoshop

Why you need to order from us? Author’s technique, cartoons photoshop, caricatures: for a holiday, for a wedding, corporate party or for the presidential election. Your enemies will be defeated!

Our work is not like everyone else! They differ from others in that they are not drawn, but created, one might say, from a “living person”, his photographs. What betrays a certain realism and believability, the “effect of presence.” They look more elegant, expensive and exclusive, your enemies envy you. Custom, original style, breakthrough nanotechnology, filled with good humor.

On the Internet you can often see ads like: “cartoonist for a holiday 3 hours 30 cartoons.” Perhaps this is “your client.” We can’t boast so fast. One digital processing of a “portrait” takes, on average, from 1 to 4 hours, sometimes more. But the result is at a different level, such a “picture” is not ashamed to hang on the wall in the office or present to your beloved boss.

Creating caricature from photos

For residents of St. Petersburg and guests of the northern capital, personal communication, an individual approach, as well as the photographer’s departure for a “caricature” photo session are possible. Our heroes will be similar to real characters, and maybe even a little more beautiful than in life. As a bonus, in addition, you will receive professionally retouched portraits in high resolution (intermediate stage of work).

Шарж на заказ Спб

Shrek. From Russia with love

The most important thing for a digital caricature on a photo, source materials. There should be a lot of them, we will choose the best or mount from several photographs. They should be clear, expressive and interesting. Separate facial features, well readable. Vivid emotions, expression, are always welcome. It is interesting from sadness to genuine joy. And if a person also smiles with a good, snow-white smile, it’s just wonderful.

Caricature gift

You want to surprise, make a pleasant surprise to your wife, friends or mother-in-law. In this case, the photo session is excluded. You can hire a paparazzi who, all day and night, with a professional camera will follow our hero. But it is expensive, and the paparazzi live mainly in Italy. Consider alternatives. You secretly get photos from the album or take pictures of our character, under any pretext. Recall that photos must be of good quality with high resolution. You can certainly use photos from social networks, but in addition to the small size, especially Facebook and Vkontakte, they also greatly optimize the image. There is a certain limit, we cannot infinitely enlarge the picture and add sharpness. Here it is impossible to guarantee high quality, we will inform you in advance.

How to determine the plot for the caricature

What photographs should be, we talked about this above. How to choose a plot or background. Firstly, this is not necessary, a well-made cartoon portrait, for example, on a white background will look pretty decent. But you are not looking for easy ways?

Consider the options:

  • birthday gift
  • corporate gift
  • to the wedding album
  • Christmas gift / card
  • personal gift
  • to personal website
  • cartoon for an anniversary or retirement
  • cup printing

And many others. Each portrait is individual and requires its own personal approach. You can rely on our artistic taste and sense of humor. Or specify a specific “background”. You can send your images, but you need to understand, not all photos are well compatible with each other. For example, light falls on the face from below, in the “background” the beach, the sun from above. Whatever our Photoshop masters do, it will look awful.

Digital caricatures

Our technology for creating digital cartoons is copyright (secret). All work is done manually. We use several programs, from adobe Photoshop, lightroom to imagenomic Portraiture, as well as many others. Our photographer uses a professional digital camera, portable lighting, as well as a background “on springs”. All photos are of studio quality and high resolution. We do not stand still, we are developing and improving. The next cartoon may be better than the previous one. Prices are minimal today, will gradually increase.

Completed orders will not be displayed publicly without the consent of customers. With the exception of politicians and celebrities, unfortunately, we were not able to reach them.