Caricature wedding

шарж на свадьбу

Wedding. Saint Petersburg 2019

Beware, the caricature wedding changes the mood!
The hunt for exclusive gifts for the newlyweds on the eve of the celebration is understandable troubles of relatives and guests. You can break your head, what to give for a wedding, you don’t want to present banal things to close friends. How to stand out from the crowd of guests and please the young?

We offer an extraordinary option – a caricature Photoshop for the wedding, written in a subtle, humorous manner! Gifts of this format are very popular. The newlyweds expect everything, but not such a surprise, it will be unexpected and will cheer up even more.

A way to keep the memory of the wedding longer

Digital caricature belong to a special kind of fine art. The comic image is a symbol of the wit of the one who makes such a portrait. The artist’s talent and imagination is of great importance, and his work is always a pleasant surprise for the newlyweds or guests of the holiday.

Compared to other variations of the paintings, the cartoon is a very affordable gift. The advantage of such a presentation is that it is made individually, and the artist does not have a specific template. Unlike ordinary photographs, a picture of such a plan has a lively character, it has a bright note of a wedding day, the emotion is not just captured, it continues to live with the picture. After the celebration, the portrait will become a warm memory and will revive feelings.

Secrets of digital caricature photoshop

A feature of the portrait is writing a masterpiece using a PC. The advantage of this caricature is the realism of the picture. As a result, the artist’s work turns out to create vivid, incredibly similar images. This is a great way to be original.

As an independent art genre, he was determined only in the XIX century. The main principle is reduced to the observance of similarities, with emphasis on individual personality traits, appearance. Behind each element is the human story of life.

Caricatures are handled by a specialist who knows how to capture the intricacies of anatomy and plastics of the human body. An exciting process requires in-depth knowledge of fine art, a creative approach, and experience in creating such paintings.

Why is it better to contact us?

Portraits are not born under the carbon copy, each plot has its own original line, the story of the hero, coming to life in the hands of a master or a person picking up a portrait. We will be happy to hear your ideas before completing an order. Your descriptions of personalities will help bring the idea to life. Wedding romance and a festive plot are present in each image.

шарж на свадьбу

Wedding. Location unknown, date unknown

The order of the cartoon is an indicator of interesting preparation for the celebration, showing deep respect for its culprits. It is important that the person who is presented with a portrait with a humorous “zest” has a sense of humor. A professional cartoonist will never “go too far”, exaggerating the character’s traits. Delicacy is respected first. Our portraits are in demand, always appropriate and desired as a presentation. You can attach a few words to the photos about the nature of the people you want to portray.

It is not necessary to portray a couple at the wedding table. Artists use different techniques for writing lovers. It can be a background of a joint trip, fishing, you can portray the heroes of the occasion on a joint fishing or hunting. In any case, the image will turn out to be kind, interesting, pleasant to perceive. Pictures can be in color or in black and white palette.

Our arsenal has many ideas for creating interesting cartoon portraits, all the necessary tools are available: a powerful PC, silence and isolation. We do not print, you yourself can transfer the image to t-shirts, canvases. Such masterpieces will not leave indifferent your friends, relatives and marriage.

Portal to a new world!

Cartoon involves a serious approach to frivolous things! We conceived the site for the convenience of everyone who wants to order an exclusive gift option for any celebration, including weddings. We are engaged not only in cartoons, our services also include wedding photo retouching as a way to idealize the picture so that not a single defect spoils the impression. We can turn a black and white image into a colorful portrait.

We chose the caricature wedding genre to give good emotions for the holiday. We recommend using our services, making even more positive, fun, good mood on the holiday! Please yourself and loved ones, surprise with an original present.