Retouch and restore photo

We now have the opportunity not only to store old photos in the album, but also to restore their lost look over the years. Today it has become possible to stain (colorize), and add color to the original black-and-white photo. How many memorable and expensive moments, grief and happiness, discoveries and emotions are captured on your old photographs. They connect us with the past, with the life of loved ones. If these moments are truly precious, you must preserve them so that they remain forever a memory for you and your future generations.

Repair damaged photos includes:

  • artistic correction;
  • brightness correction;
  • image contrast adjustment;
  • grit removal in manual mode or using filters;
  • editing the exposure;
  • tone equalization;
  • framing;
  • retouching cracks, stains, or scratches;
  • image alignment;
  • sharpening and more.