Photo restoration services prices

Реставрация фотографий цена

Photo restoration services prices

Photo restoration services prices. Add color to a black and white image.

  • Minor Photo Restoration – from $10
  • Mid Photo Restoration – from $20
  • Heavy Photo Restoration – from $30
  • Extremer from $ 50
  • Hard recovery of badly damaged photos from $70
  • colorization (coloring) of black and white photographs, depending on the number of characters 10-50 $The final price is formed after receiving your pictures. With a large volume, discounts from 25% to 50% are acceptable. Average lead time for one order is 1-7 business days. It is very likely that the prices of services are higher than on other sites. But the quality of execution is on a different level. Here amateur students do not work, only real professionals and masters of their craft

Caricature portrait service online

Most of the drawn cartoons are a simple enlargement of the head, relative to the body. PhotoShop does it quickly and easily. Can we do this kind of work? Of course yes. But we are not looking for easy ways, we still need to work on the eyes, nose, ears and most importantly, facial expressions.

Цифровой шарж

Caricature portrait service online

Cartoon photos online, on average, the price is:

  • 1 caricature – $ 30 when ordering from 10 portraits
  • a simple portrait, one or two characters from $ 40
  • portrait with a simple background change, additional accessories, etc. from $ 60
  • group cartoon for a holiday, corporate party from $ 60
  • Cartoon with a complex plot, background and additional details $ 80-150

Cost is formed individually. When ordering several discount cartoons, the execution time is 2-10 days, except for group portraits. In exceptional cases, if the photos are inexpressive, not interesting, of poor quality, we may refuse this service. Attention, prepayment of 50-100% is required.

Price Editing Wedding Photos

обработка свадебных фото цена

Editing Wedding Photos

Digital photo editing is an important part of the wedding photography industry. Customers often worry that without professional retouching, their pictures will not be beautiful or interesting. Our designers use unique, authoring techniques to provide you with the perfect wedding album. We offer a wide range of services for simple and artistic retouching, including editing portraits and family photos.

  • Standard retouching – $ 4 one frame (at least 10 shots)
  • Artistic retouch 1 frame $ 15 (at least 3 shots)
  • Artistic portrait retouching from $ 25
  • Photo manipulations, photo montage, collage, etc. are considered individually

Make wedding photos unique and original. This is a special book of happiness that would be an opportunity to enjoy it every time you need to cheer up or refresh fond memories

Photo manipulations, photo montage, collage of photos

2D digital art, Fantasy-style photo manipulations. Each picture is individual and unique. There are no restrictions, it all depends on the source materials, the artist’s skill and imagination. But this is also the most complex and painstaking process that requires a lot of labor. From the idea, creating the plot of the composition, selection of materials and technical performance. from 130 $. Also close here in meaning are the words photomontage and collage. Editing: replacing the background, adding, removing or moving individual fragments. Collage, combining a variety of images, photographs. The minimum order amount is from $ 30

фотоманипуляция ценаWhat is the actual image size?

The final cost of digital image editing is also affected by the “real size”, which can differ greatly from “just the size.” By size is understood the file size, the number of pixels in the picture, and no more. Let’s try to evaluate the 16 megapixel photo from the new smartphone. Take, for example, a photo portrait, reduce the 16 MP picture to 8, look, there is no visual difference. Bring to 5 MP, then to 3. sharpness begins to disappear, not every hair and cilium is clearly displayed. We take a step back to the 4th PC, the sharpness is restored. This is the “real size.” In professional cameras, with good optics, it can reach up to 100%. And a snapshot of even the old 5 MP SLR camera will be an order of magnitude better than from a phone. Note that even the picture is 1600 * 1200, where each working pixel will look very, gorgeous.

In the case of poor-quality execution of the order and objective claims, we will refund the money. There were no such cases and their probability is extremely small.

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