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Political caricature

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фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г
фото Эдвард Кертис 1908г

Maybe, political cartoons of Hillary Clinton changed the results of the elections in the US? Oh my God! We accidentally did so.

The cartoonist graphically expresses his point of view. This position is usually openly directed against the authorities, their corruption or war, and the portrayed – the target of his criticism – appears in an obviously exaggerated form. For many artists, a well-known statement of A. Lunacharsky was a guideline: “And now our laughter directed against the enemy will be evil, because the enemy is still strong. In this laughter-wielding struggle we have the right to portray the enemy in a caricature”.

Political Caricature Price:

  • Creation: Free;

  • Removal: $ 10,000 and above;

  • 13% discount or payment with chocolates is possible (for the ex-president of Ukraine Petro; Poroshenko)

  • Tangerines, oranges are not accepted, only cash in bitcoins. (for the ex-President of Georgia MikhailSaakashvili);

Cartoons on politicians

How is this done? Where do the photos come from? Pictures are bought on the black market, taken by paparazzi or with a hidden camera. Until a recent time, part of the material was sent by Julian Assange. Images are processed in several programs, mainly in Photoshop, in the author’s unique caricature technique (the latest Russian military developments). The technology makes progress and upgrades with each new cartoon.

political caricature Barack Obama

Today, some politicians such as Boris Johnson, Teresa May, Donald Trump or Poroshenko are increasingly appearing in the cartoons. One cannot surprise anyone with holey socks, a chewed tie, a jacket tucked into the underpants, or toilet paper on a boot. As one comedian said: “when meeting Boris Johnson, professional clowns cannot stop laughing.” Modern politicians take bread out of a cartoonist’s mouth, because soon their profession will cease to be in demand at all.

Answers to FAQ:

  • The author is not a Putin’s slave.
  • The author is not afraid of the KGB, CIA, MI-6 and even Mossad.
  • Bloody Gina and the author do not personally know each other.
  • Since his childhood, the author is fondof Petro Poroshenko, Boris Johnson and George Soros.

Political truth, unvarnished

Perhaps someone will say that we deliberately stipulate, maliciously ridicule our Heroes.Us being sponsored by George Soros, japanese mafia Yakuza or even Vladimir Putin?“The truth of life” is even more evil than our Satire.

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The list is large; we can go on. Why isn’t Vladimir Putin here? We have no information about Putin wearing holey socks, torn ties, toilet paper on a boot and all that jazz. If you have such information, please let us know. We will publish it.

Emmanuel Macron cartoon

"Emmanuel Macaron Leading the Nation 2023". Reproduction of Delacroix's painting "Liberty Leading the People 1830"

Vladimir Zelensky cartoon

The influential Israeli daily newspaper The Jerusalem Post recognized the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky as the most influential Jew of 2022.

Olaf Scholzc cartoon

Liver sausage. Dastish Fantastish.

Andrzej Duda cartoon

I love America. Andrzej Duda.

Liz Truss caricature

Liz Truss caricature.

Boris Johnson cartoon

Boris Johnson is the Party King.

Kamala Harris caricature

Kamala Harris caricature.

Anthony Blinken caricature

Super Blinken.

George Soros cartoon

George Soros cartoon.

political cartoon John Kirby

Speech by Rear Admiral John Kirby at the Pentagon.

Top secret

In 2018 At a secret meeting with Julian Assange, we received information leaked to him from the retired Czech general called GinekBlashko. Free retelling:

At a meeting in the Pentagon, the NATO military is discussing and cannot agree when to attack Russia. Maybe in the winter? French generals report: “We know for sure, not in winter. We tried this with a bad result.” We decided to ask the German delegation, maybe in the summer? “Nein! Not only in the summer,” the Germans were afraid.

What to do? We decided to call China when it is better to attack the Russians. Sly Chinese answered: “Better now.” Why? Russia is building the Turkish Stream, the VostochnyCosmodrome, the Crimean Bridge, sports facilities for the World Cup, and the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. They are reconstructing the Baikal-Amur Mainline, mastering mining in the Arctic. So Russians need as many war prisoners as possible now.

Kremlin Hand

Freedom hand - Kremlin Hand.

A bit of world history. Political note:

Neanderthals. They inhabited vast territories from western Europe to Asia; existed in the interval from about 130 to 30 thousand years ago.

Cro-Magnons. The generalized name of the early representatives of the modern Homo sapiens. Cro-Magnons appeared much later, and for some period coexisted with Neanderthals (40-30 thousand years ago).

Ancient Ukrainians. The Ukrainians are the most ancient people in the world. They already existed 140 thousand years old. «The ancient history of Ukraine. 2017 Edition».

Conclusion: Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons descended from ancient Ukrainians.

Vladimir Zelensky cartoon

Zelensky writes a text message to Vladimir Putin.

Bloody Pastor Turchinov cartoon

Bloody Pastor Turchinov.

Cartoons Alexei Navalny

Alexei Navalny Calls for a Rally.

Cartoon Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi

"America is back". Light version.

Political caricature Andrew Zavgo, V-studio.