Restore Old photos

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Old photographs bring memories of the past to life; the best moments of life are captured on them. Weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, vacations at a resort — the whole story of your life is on these photographs, and it is important to preserve this memory.

Not so many studios undertake restoration of photos of poor quality. However, we restore any photographs, because we understand the value of these memories for the client. We have over 10 years of experience in this field. Our employees are involved in manual editing and retouching, without automatically configured program filters. We have an individual approach for each client.

Experienced artists and designers do everything necessary to restore the original look of the photo and give them a new life.

Restoring of each damaged old photo involves:

  • brightness and contrast correction, exposure compensation, tone correction, retouching of cracks, scratches or water stains, grain removal using filters or manually

  • alignment, cropping

  • art correction

It is also possible to change the background, delete or add some element, combine parts of two or more photos, remove individual elements or background. Restore (to some extent) missing details of your photographs, colorize black-and-white photos and make RBG photos grayscale.

Emperor Nicholas II with his family. Colorize black and white photos

Emperor Nicholas II with his family. Colorizingblack-and-white photos.

Colorizing black-and-white photographs

Do you have old monochrome pictures that you would like to see in color? Black-and-white photos can be digitized, retouched and colorized in Adobe Photoshop by our professional artists and designers. The resulting color image looks so real that no one can recognize digital editing. 

Are there monochrome photos in your photo album to colorize? It is easy to do. The picture is digitized, retouched and colorized by specially trained artists and designers in Adobe Photoshop. The work is carried out so high quality that it will be difficult to recognize digital editing.

реставрация исторических фото

Restoration and restore of historical photographs

Over the past few decades, we have been watching changes in the photography. The film shots became history, as a great replacement has come — digital photos. Also, today there are more than a dozen different softwaresolutions for image editing. We have a great opportunity not only to store old photographs, but also to restore their former appearance. This is done by coloring, or another term — colorization. Colors are added to black-and-white photographs, and they become photochromic. Old photographs bring memories of the past years to life; the best moments of life are captured on them. Weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, vacations at a resort – the whole story of your life is in these photographs, that is the reason whyit’s is important to preserve this memory. 

Our team are professionals of their craft. Restoration of historical photographs is one of the largest orders. Hundreds of photographs have been restored. The moments of those times came to life again, to make you feel the emotions once captured in the photo. We work with the best software and offer you high-quality services for the restoration of old photographs. Let’s give them a new life together. Also, today there are more than a dozen different software for image editing. You have a great opportunity to both keep old photographs safe and restore their former appearance.

Restoring old damaged photo

Photos of poor quality and their restoration

 Yet, there are some exceptions where recovery is not possible, where severe damage to the image or a large fragment of the picture is lost. It is impossible to make a large image out of a small image without losing sharpness. If the photo is excessively granular, it can only be enlarged up to a specific size. In casea picture does not contain any details, but you have another picture with these fragments, be sure to send it to us.

 Photo restoration price

  Each image is considered individually. Restoration of some elements seem to be a complicated job at first glance but these elements can be quickly and easily edited;but sometimes the apparent simplicity is illusive. The final cost of an order is formed after receivingyour scanned pictures and your requirements. Starting price is $20 and an average price is $ 30-50 for one photo. The lead time is approximately 1-3 business days, except for corporate orders. For manyphotos, you will get a great discount.